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is our vision.
is all we learned.
is what we would like to share.
LLEEZA is all that we strongly believe in.


LLEEZA works with close collaboration with companies that have long-term experience in managing EPC projects.

Complementing each other with software, personnel and hands-on solutions, LLEEZA brings out the best of each, forming a unique product.


From helping companies in internal organization to execution of important projects.

From software solutions to project management services.

We understood, implemented, seen, touched and smelt it, we know what to do with it.


LLEEZA provides all the needed taylor made services for the real management of complex projects and offer its competencies for companies business processes design and departments reorganization

LLEEZA provides all services for the project control and project management activities …
LLEEZA provides all services for the project control and project management activities …
LLEEZA provides all services for the project control and project management activities …
Work face planning is the process of organizing and delivering all the elements necessary, before the work is started, to enable craft persons to perform quality work in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. This is accomplished by breaking down (planning) construction work by trade into discrete work packages that completely describe/cover the scope of work for a given project to efficiently use available resources and track progress.

LLEEZA supports you in the preparation of commercial presentations, in market surveys and in the creation of your website considering, the requirements of the international and UK market.


We are proud to assist our client with the background of more than  […]


Our expertise lies in upstream part of Offshore work […]


The criticality of infrastructural works is now clear […]


We apply to these challenging, new sectors all the experience […]


One thing is to have an idea of reorganizing. But to maximize the benefit, every employee must accept it.
Reorganization should not be imposed on people, should be understood and accepted as a benefit.

For this reason LLEEZA believes in the Change Management process as a way to go along with all the people involved in the activities that make up it; directors, painters, clerks, workers.

Change management is the key to evolving products and processes.

LLEEZA knows.


Nowadays the use of systems and tools for project management is a must.
You have to keep track of a lot of information. Working conditions are more articulated than 20-30 years ago. The requirements in terms of security, quality, contract are many. For this reason, there are many applications in a company.

LLEEZA has the expertise to provide project control systems and data integration services with the aim of eliminating informational and process redundancies.


Understanding responisibilities is a key element of Project Management. But is it enough? Are you willing to go an extra mile? Responisibilities are crucial but even more important thing is creating a flexible, trustfull and collaborative environment.


Companies today are either doing it poorly or exagerating. Using advanced methods of planning and control is mandatory, however, tailoring your internal system to meet your needs is fundamental. This is where LLEEZA expertise will help. Understanding your goals is what we are good at.


The emphasis on short-term results targets too often leaves little room for the assessment and quantification of the risk associated with the various business choices. This is a matter of vital importance. Project risk management and (hence) enterprise risk are activities that LLEEZA manages normally.

These are processes that are already in the race and involve the owners as well as the main contractor.



LLEEZA believes in the digital future.

The digital transformation involves all processes of companies in all sectors, using digital technologies and advanced analytics to enhance basic resources and discover new sources of economic value.

The aim is to obtain radical improvements in terms of efficiency, timeliness and production quality.

I think LLEEZA represents the junction ring between management and operational activities. Projects are not only graphs and reports, but people and resources that need to be well-coordinated. They need expertise in EPC contracts, engineering concepts, analytical skills and communication competences.

LLEEZA join the top management with the operations by translating the reciprocal languages.

Alessio Grassi

Director, LLEEZA

LLEEZA is something that was missing. It is a way to uncover all existing potential.
So many good people and so much Know-How having oportunity to be acknowledged through one collaborative environment. It is something SPECTACULAR you can’t come accross every day.
I trully enjoy being a part of LLEEZA.

Vladimir Svalina

Director, LLEEZA

With LLEEZA we have the opportunity to blend our individual Know How and experiences to cast a powerful organization, suitable to meet, and perhaps to anticipate, the most challenging needs and request of our customers.
Maurizio Borsatti

Director, LLEEZA

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